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PetroChase, an independent oil and gas company, assists in the acquisition, development, and exploration of oil and natural gas in the United States. Petroleum rich domestic drilling areas within our country offer opportunity, which may include potential cash flow and unique tax benefits to oil exploration companies.

PetroChase is one of the companies that acquires oil and gas locations through careful analysis and protocols which foster the maximum amount of production from each site. Our focus is on steady growth through development oil drilling projects, and scientific exploration of natural resources. Energy independence is a vital component of our country’s economic future and we are committed to this goal.

Recovering America’s Resources

Oil & Gas 101

Learn more about the overview of what it takes from start to finish of an oil and gas well.

Educational Videos

Watch videos showing how Oil & Gas wells are drilled.

Drilling Economics

Virtually every oilfield decision is founded on profitability. With no control of oil and gas….

Exploration Glossary

Need-to-know terms when talking about oil exploration.